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Internet sales are increasing year after year and are affecting you as a jeweler. While having invested time, money and energy in building up your business, you are losing sales to these web shops. Therefore I have developed the ABDC sales system, to recover the sales that you are currently missing.


Studies are showing that in order to compete with online-sales, you must build up your individual USP (Unique Selling Position) and make the most romantic purchase in the world a physical experience once more!
Buying a diamond or a matching mount for your diamond is something your customer desires to see, touch, try on and feel before taking his or hers decision.


I ask you to reflect this upon yourself: would you purchase this specific product without being able to see or touch it?

One of the biggest advantages is that you can now acquire an actual powerful tool in order to compete with the internet (loose diamonds and mounts that represent a major chunk of the sales).


The reason for your current lack of competition is that –contrary to the online shops- your major overhead is the brick-and-mortar shop that you so carefully built up through the years.


By applying the ABDC system, you will see that sales figures will increase again. I am not saying that every customer that will come and see you to try on a specific ring will not use your info to buy online. But at least the two of you have met and at least he knows what to expect from your store. A first contact has been realized and step one to create a relationship has been activated.


Your margin on solitaire rings may appear lower than ‘in the old days’ but long term it pays off. We advise you to sell pre-set semi-mounts that allow you a solid margin


How does the system work.

You will be supplied a sales kit that consists of our best selling mountings, set with all sizes side ànd centre stones in CZ.


These kits come in both silver as well as in gold, according to your choice. The price of silver kits ranges from 1500 up to 2000 eur depending on the quantity of designs you prefer to present.


This investment you might be able to cover in 1 to 3 sales, any sequel sales are mere profit. Every piece of jewelry will be accompanied by an HRD certification; The HRD, together with GIA, is –as you know-regarded as the world’s leading laboratory for gemstones. At HRD we have negotiated a bottom price for this 

Publicity back-up comes at a small fee that is split by the various dealers. Even insurances on the purchased item can be issued to the customer against the lowest price. A credit system will be available, so that you’ll be able to sell jewelry on terms while you get your money cash. Our intention is that you can sell these products in full confidence and that your customer buys in full trust. We therefore rely on your reputation and on our product.


It is our intention to provide you all the tools possible to achieve your sale, and support you with the best arguments towards you customer why he should purchase in your store and not elsewhere.

There is no hanky-panky deals here, and with gold prices hitting historical highs, a lot of jewelry and diamonds comes back on the market, and people are surprised how poorly informed early purchases were.

With our system they have a black on white proof of what they buy from you. They can even retrieve the certificate on-line to check its origin.


I sincerely hope I can welcome you to the ABDC Family!


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